Fear & Death


Fear and death. How do you differentiate it? How do you compare it?

I don’t fear death. I have seen it a lot when I was in the convent. About 3 or 4 times a year, the community celebrated a sister’s going home to the Father. A celebration, because death is a part of human life.

It’s the fear that I feared. It’s more than death to me, because fear has my permission to take me to be feared. I allow fear to happen.

While death can come once, fear happens repeatedly.

Fear will always be there just around the corner, waiting to get someone’s attention. While death will be waiting to take his turn.

I fear of losing a friend, a parent, a family members.                                        I fear of losing my career.                                                                                           I fear of losing myself while living.

For some, death happens everyday.

Stuck in traffic.                                                                                                              Waiting in line.                                                                                                                Changing jobs.                                                                                                                  A failed relationship. It is the same. A death.

Whether or not we fear of death or death fears us, it is in our power to choose what we believe. To choose to wake up or not, to dress up or not, to eat or not, to fight or not, to love or not, to live or not.

Fear is a feeling, a suffering, a state of the mind. It is a private thing. Only me, myself and I knows it.

Death is a fact, a pain, a public thing.

It is the end of an earthly life, but the beginning of eternity.



Mothers are stubborn


When a child says, "Mom, I can't do it."
A mother will answer, "Yes you can!"

When a child says, "Mama, I failed."
A mother will reply, "A failure means you didn't try."

When a child says, "Mommy, no one wants me to here."
A mother will tell, "Just be patient. Be yourself."

When a child says, "Mother, am I ugly?"
A mother will question, "Am I ugly?" 

Mothers are really the most stubborn human beings. They never answered   their children the way their children asked of them. They never listened to our complaints, our doubts and our fears.   

And so....
When a child says, "I hate you Mom! Wish I have an option to choose a    mother!"
A mother will utter, "I LOVE YOU SO. You are the best gift God has given  me."

A mother knows her child, like our Father in Heaven knows us. Maybe    that's the reason why HE created our MOTHERS. 


mother mess


Conception in wonder

17426123_1502012643142597_690429343650407167_nDecember 8 is one of the most celebrated feast day in  Roman Catholic church. It is the feast of our Lady; the mother of Jesus, our God. This is the day, our mother Mary was conceived by her parents, St. Joaquin and St. Anne. The feast is called “Immaculate Conception”.

I believed that just as the date and place of birth is important to every human being, the date and place of conception should be given an important recognition too.

The start of life begins in conception. The meeting of the egg and sperm are in a race with a million others to become one.

During conception, our parents were present body, mind and soul. While at birth our father has the option to be there or not. It won’t make any difference at all.

Our conception can sometimes be called a “wanted”, or a “planned” and or an “accident”.

I wondered how it was for my parents at the beginning before I was conceived. It must have been in late February, the month of love. And I was proud to be conceived in the season of love.

Where was I conceived?

Was I wanted?

Did my parents truly love each other the time I was conceived?

The questions never end. The answers were never known. It exists only in the secret record in my mind. It will always be a mystery. And I wouldn’t mind because I know that anything is possible. And EVERYTHING IS A BLESSING.

***inspired by Robert Fulghum writings




Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was...
A fairy who likes to tinker. 
A princess whose as white as snow.
A queen who wants to "let it go".

Cinderella never asked for a prince
Elsa and Anna don't need a man to save them
Pocahontas didn't have a happy ending.

Jasmine kissed a villain
Maleficent was a princess that never saved 
Eugene was brought by a horse to Rapunzel, not destiny

Fairy tales are true
Yes they do come true
In our real world.


the story continues