Musing : My life as a whole

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My life as a whole is a DREAM COME TRUE.

My first dream was to become a nun.

I entered the convent at aged 30, but got out after 2 years.

My life as a whole is an ADVENTURE.

A once in a lifetime experienced with the local tribe of Mindoro, knowing their culture and traditions in the mountain for a month. A life without electricity, an overflowing supply of water, and you can touch the sky by raising up your hands.

My life as a whole is MAGICAL.

Being love and be loved in return with the man of my dreams.  Though, people does really change.

My life as a whole is a MYSTERY.

Who would have thought that I will be reconnected with my first love after 25 years. The man that I thought was disappeared on this earth, came back to life to process forgiveness and finally to forget.

My life as a whole is UNPREDICTABLE.

I guess, It would not become a “life” if I knew what will going to happen.

And sometimes, I thank GOD for what went wrong.




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  1. says:

    God has amazing plans already set in place for us. What a blessing!

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  2. lucylu says:

    Totally agree! Thank you so much.

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  3. Love the quote 👍🏼

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  4. lucylu says:

    glad you loved it

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  5. How beautiful is this. Loved the journey , loved the spirit and the loved the quote ❤️

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  6. lucylu says:

    thank u so much

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  7. momentaryreverie says:

    I love that last line! Sometimes it takes a good long time to figure that out.

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  8. lucylu says:

    yah and trust that everything has its own reason. glad you liked it,

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  9. casiekamph says:

    So great to see such a positive mindset throughout every trial and tribulation life throws your way! Trusting in our all knowing God makes life that much more beautiful, don’t you think? 🙂 Awesome post!

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  10. lucylu says:

    its all about trust that makes a life worth living. thanks casie.

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