Love ???

” LOVE is a serious mental disease. ”  -plato-    


She’s a teenage kid who has just had a baby in the back stall of a barn, with some confusion about just who the father is. Her husband is muttering about taxes and the fact that the head honcho in these parts, Herod, has opted for infanticide. And if that’s not enough, there’s all this…

Dear Santa, I can explain…

“When kids are torn between getting what they want and controlling themselves.” My daughter’s letter to Santa this year.

Child’s Mind

A simply response can make a difference. Thank you so much. “A Child’s mind and character should remain in every individual, it’s the only way to remain human.” I missed it the first time but not forever…


” You BLOCKED me 3 times And I confirmed your FRIEND REQUEST 2 times.  I’m confused. Are you in-love ??? “