Live with it

How do you forget someone ?

You don’t.

You must learn to live with it.




-Who am I?

Am I my mother’s daughter? Am I my brother’s keeper? Am I a friend to my friends? Am I the enemy to my enemies? Am I a wife to my husband? A mother to my children?

-Where do I belong ?

Do I belong to my career? Do I belong to my success? Do I belong to my crib? Or myself?

Work of art by MJ Luha




Relationship status

“The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn” -David Russell


The space between us .. (It’s our ego that’s between us)

Long distance relationship… (It’s the quality time that we didn’t spend)

Complicated … (The feelings we didn’t expressed)

Married … (For legal purposes only)

Divorce … (Being free for the legal purposes)

Singleness …. (What’s relationship for?)

Ms Lagunilla

A poem to the teacher who changed my life

I didn't bother to get your name
knowing the subject that deals with matter 
and energy, sucks.
My interest is on your favorite student,
whom I admired.
I don't even care if you know my name.
But somehow, you notice my existence.
That look in your eyes saying,
"You are beautiful, he will notice you".
You push me to make the first move.
By giving me his name for the exchange gift
To my embarrassment I intentionally forget 
to buy him a gift.
Again, you make that moved for him to notice me.
And he did.
You are the one to blame in my first love's adventure,
a thing no mother would understand.



What's up with your "Whatsapp"?
Who message you in your "messenger"?
What's the vibe in your "viber"?
Whatever, please stay safe
(You don't have to stay, just be safe).

Back again

From Truth Slap‘s photo..


Couples who break up and get back together all of the time may be dysfunctional, may be unhealthy, may be toxic, but there’s also something beautiful and genuine about it. They will always be drawn to each other and they will always have that damaged, but unbreakable connection. It won’t always be happy, it won’t always be exciting, and it won’t always be easy, but that’s okay because the pain’s only a reminder that you truly care. It also shows how strong they are and how they’re willing to fight for one another because a real relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other. Sometimes, you have to walk away to realize what you’re leaving behind. Sometimes, you have to let go in order to remember why you held on for so long. Sometimes, you have to lose someone so you can find their worth and value again. There will days where you won’t deserve each other, there will times where you’ll hate each other, and there will be moments where you’ll feel like you’re truly done. But in the end, your heart will always be in the right place. Your mind might not always be in the right place, but your heart always will be. Everybody will judge and have their opinion on it, but as long as you two understand each other and know your relationship, that’s all that matters. It’ll never be perfect, it’ll never be ideal, but it will last because they both know that even if they leave each other from time to time, they’ll always find each other again.

– Teddy Nguyen