Who’s at fault?

“You’ve loved me too much that broke your heart too deeply. You said, you will never going to marry the woman who broke your heart. Is it my loss or yours?…”


Artwork by Alessandro Gottardo aka Shout

Imagecredit: https://www.facebook.com/berlinartparasites


Beeper scene

Almost a year in a relationship when our  first LQ (lovers quarrel) happened. It’s just a simple misunderstanding and I admit it was my fault. He was my first and so was I to him. He said he wants some space. But I don’t want to lose him. At that time he has a beeper, and its been 3 days since we haven’t talked. I’ve felt so desperate and in the middle of the night I messaged him in his beeper. I called the operator and uttered my message. The message were bout three sentences. Then the operator commented “Ma’am, that was very romantic, I hope he’ll forgive you”. Though I was surprised, I just said “yah, I hope so, too. Thank you.” After 10 minutes, he called and we were back together.


credits: Google/Chungkingexpressmovie

The tale of two mothers

Once upon a sunny day, in my daily life as a passenger of LRT (Light Rail Transit). I came across two pairs of mother and son, both at age 6 or 7. They were sitting on my left side  and the other pair on my right.

Usually if a passenger accompany a child, they were supposed to sit on a designated area for passengers with children, PWD (Person with disability), senior citizens and pregnant women.

But both mothers chose to stay on a regular seat.

As the train starts to leave from the first station, I overheard the mothers talking to their sons.

The mother on my left was whispering to her son saying, “Go to sleep”. But the child said, “I’m not sleepy”. Then the mother said, “just pretend you’re sleeping so that no one will require you to stand up. This is why I chose to stay here instead of the designated area where we should be.”

Meanwhile on the other side.

The boy on my right side was talking to her mother saying, “Mom, why do we sit here instead of the area where we should be?”…  Because there will be more passengers deserved to be seated there instead of us” replied by the mother.



credits: Google




The couple

I once knew a young couple
Married because of a coming child
Not minding if they really knew each other
They usually seen
Fighting day in, day out
Thinking that was a normal things young couples do

Two decades have passed

I once knew an older couple
Still married for the same reason
Still fighting day in , day out
Still thought that was a normal things older couples do 

Two weeks ago

I once knew a couple
Escaping the normal things they thought
The wife took her own life
A week after
The husband took his own life too

The Afterlife

I once knew a couple
Still married for the same reason?
Still fighting day in, day out?
Still thought that was a normal things couples do?...

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

– Norman Cousins-

***based on a true story


Dear Amy

You have no idea how I wanted to thank you for raising a good man

You have no idea how much I’ve been grateful for accepting me as I am

The kind words you said to me when everything failed between me and your son

The warmth touch of your hand when you consoled me when I was crying

Your own initiative to talked about what went wrong

Your reassuring words that whatever happen you will support me

Because of you, I have  learned how much your son loved me

Because of you, I knew that your son had been happy

Amy, you could have been my other mother

The kind of mother-in-law

I wish I had

If only your son has chosen me to be his wife.

The story of trust

I always wanted to learn how to swim.

It’s a common knowledge, when thinking of a vacation the first thing that comes to mind is swimming. Filipinos love the water. Well, aside from the fact that we’re located near the equator and considered a tropical country, we just loved  the smell of ” bagong paligo“.

So who wouldn’t want to be in the water?…

No one but….

Not everyone knows how to swim.

And I was one of them.

Swimming for me was like a DREAM.

To enroll in a swimming class was not an option because it is usually out of the budget, though, not really that expensive. Actually learning how to swim is more of experienced. You learned the art of swimming by experienced.

So, every time I’m on the beach or pool with families or friends I envy those who can swim. Several times, I attempted to ask a friends or relatives to teach me how to swim, but every time they will let me on my own I just sink.

Until it happened again, I’m on the beach walking in the water (not above the water) about 4 ft below and asked again one of my colleague if she can to teach me how to swim.

Me: Can you teach me how to swim?

Colleague : Oh you don’t know? But I thought you’re swimming?

Me: Hahaha just pretending I’m swimming, actually I’m walking in the water.

Colleague: Okay then, first you must know how to float. Try it. Relax.

Me: (After trying to float several times) I can’t. I don’t know how to relax. It’s a bit tiring to force someone to relax, lol.

Colleague: Okay, I will hold you first and released you once you learned to float.

Me: (Every time she releases her hand I sink). I give up, I guess I would never know how to swim.

Colleague: You’re afraid of the water?

Me: I don’t know.

Colleague: Let me put it this way. Imagine that the water is the hand of God. What will you do?

Within a minute, I try again.

And I did it.