Love ???

” LOVE is a serious mental disease. ”  -plato-    

Dear Santa, I can explain…

“When kids are torn between getting what they want and controlling themselves.” My daughter’s letter to Santa this year.


” You BLOCKED me 3 times And I confirmed your FRIEND REQUEST 2 times.  I’m confused. Are you in-love ??? “  

Sun and Moon

I asked my daughter to draw me something, and this is what I got…

Once in a while

Once in a while I  close the umbrella and feel the rain pours down on me.   Once in a while I take off my hat and let the ray of the sun warms me.   Once in a while I let the pain remain Just to be with you Again…        …

LoVe and LuSt

I believe in both love and lust They’re both overrated They’re used to define a feelings They’re used to find fault Sometimes, love starts with lust And sometimes too, lust begin with love Don’t be confused on love and lust Do get confused on your needs and wants…        

Happy Ending

“Every story has a  happy ending, you just need to know when to stop.”      -Annie MG Schmidth-